Hi! My name is Alejandra (Alex), the person behind Penny Bakes LLC. i'M A MOTHER OF TWO AND A HAPPY WIFE Living in orlando, fl. we have a great dane and love going back home to puerto rico whenever we can. The beach is a big part of our lives and go often. if you are interested in a more detailed version of how this all started continue reading below!



The idea of Penny Bakes began after I finished college and medical school, when I decided to stay at home and raise our first-born in 2014. That’s when a great love for baking came along. It became a passion and Also an outlet; A wonderful way to connect with others through food . 

Slowly I taught Myself how to bake and decorate desserts. it took a lot of restless nights to slowly build my confidence and believe in what i was doing. after a few years of baking for family and friends, we decided to turn it in to a business.

every time I get to bake for clients, I am both extremely grateful and excited! i love seeing people's faces when they come and pick up their orders. for me it's mostly about making you happy on that special occasion.

we moved to Orlando, Fl about 5 years ago to be closer to family and fell in love with the community.


penny bakes is named after our daughter who brings so much joy to our lives. we wanted our venture to have a special name close to our hearts.

if you made it this far, all I have left to say is that we are a family owned small business operating in the heart of college park and happy to be here!